Endesa launches solar PV self-consumption solutions for homes

Endesa has extended its range of photovoltaic products by launching a solar PV self-consumption solution for homes. This is the first time the company is offering a product that covers the design, processing and legalisation of the system and also includes training future owners, installing batteries and maintaining the entire infrastructure.

The registration process is 100% digital and involves carrying out a personalised study within 48 hours of being requested. The study includes an in-depth analysis of customers’ hourly curves and their solar production, taking into account various aspects: meteorological and geographical aspects and consumption habits. It also includes the proposal’s economic model, with the total amount and the fee for a financing option. Furthermore, customers are informed of their annual savings, in both economic and energy terms and they are offered various environmental awareness indicators.


Endesa’s Comprehensive Photovoltaic Solar Solution includes the analysis of the photovoltaic system the customer needs, based on their consumption curve, advice for customers, the system installation, processing the necessary licences and the complete legalisation of the system. Once the system is up and running, Endesa will manage the regular maintenance of the system and remotely monitor the plant in order to detect any incidents in due course.

The product is aimed and single-family homes and it is offered to the company’s existing customers and to non-customers. Endesa has designed a special electricity tariff to accompany this product, providing a lower price during the periods in which there is less sunlight.

An average size single-family home with eight photovoltaic panels installed could reduce your energy consumption by 30%, which is equivalent to over 500 euros per year. This type of installation could be contracted for € 85 euros per month over 84 months. Apart from the economic advantages, this solution also offers environmental benefits; a household of these characteristics can prevent the emission of 1,470 kilos of CO2 per year, which is equivalent to planting 75 trees.

In order to know how much you consume, how much the installation has produced on a daily basis, or what this all means in terms of your bill, Endesa also offers customers an app that monitors the installation from any mobile device.

Photovoltaic solutions for companies

This new proposal offered by Endesa for domestic customers complements the photovoltaic solution already offered by Endesa for small and medium-sized enterprises, with over 30 MW in installed projects in Spain.

For companies, Endesa covers 100% of the photovoltaic solar plant investment, designing, constructing, legalising and operating the installation. Therefore, companies do not have to cover any of the investment, which enables them to save from the very first year. The installation becomes the property of the customer after approximately half the plant’s service life (15 years).

Such is the case, for example, of a hotel in the Canary Islands, which enjoyed accumulated savings of over € 12,000 during the first five years thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels, covering 11% of the demand with self-consumption. This means that, at the end of the panels’ service life (between 25-30 years), this hotel will have saved over € 320,000and prevented the emission of 2,751 tonnes of CO2 during its entire service life, which is equivalent to planting 4,958 trees.

Source: Endesa