Endesa promotes electric car sharing at its head offices

Endesa has launched a new electric vehicle car sharing service in six of the company’s main offices, to enable all the employees to carry out their work-related functions in urban environments in a sustainable and pollution-free manner.

The temporary use of vehicles or vehicle lending, also known as car sharing, is a system for using or renting vehicles whereby users use or rent a vehicle for short periods of time.

The electric vehicle car sharing service is made up initially of 18 BMW i3 vehicles, which have an approximate autonomy of 13 km and the aim is to include another 10 units from now to the end of the year. Endesa employees have an online tool for reserving the vehicle for hours or even full days.

The cars will be located in six of the company’s main offices: Ribera del Loira (Madrid); – Borbolla (Seville); Vilanova (Barcelona); San Juan (Palma de Mallorca); Woermann (Las Palmas); and Mayorazgo (Tenerife). The service will also soon be available in Zaragoza.  The company is installing conventional associated charging points in all the locations, with the aim of all the cars being charged overnight and prepared for use the next day. Furthermore, the Madrid and Barcelona offices have fast charging points that enable 80% of the battery to be charged in approximately 20 minutes.

The use of shared electric vehicles will enable more employees to learn about this technology, if they have not tried an electric vehicle yet, so it also serves as a dissemination tool.

Car sharing

Car sharing programmes began in Switzerland in 1987. Since then a number of other countries in Europe and North America have introduced this new mobility concept, which now has over 900,000 users worldwide.  Today it is estimated that the car sharing concept is present in over 600 cities in 18 countries across 4 continents, with a fleet of over 30,000 vehicles. Car sharing is attractive to customers who make only occasional use of a vehicle, as well as others who would like occasional access to a vehicle of a different type than they use day-to-day. Electric vehicles are the latest incorporation in the car sharing concept, since it is a technology that perfectly meets the requirements and sensitivities of those that use this modality.

Sustainable mobility, secure and electrified

Sustainable mobility, secure and electrified is a key piece to combat climate change. Endesa has firmly committed by it, through its plan to Safe and Sustainable Mobility 2014-2016, that reached in 2015 a 80% of compliance and includes 21 measures aimed at its employees, fleets, suppliers and customers, promoting the reduction of transports needs (teleworking), bolstering modes changes of transport other than the private vehicle (transport, carsharing card), and if private vehicles are necessary, the empowerment of the electric vehicle, both on the part of employees, as fleets, suppliers and customers and the introduction of efficiency measures and security in mobility.