Enel Green Power Spain connects a wind farm in Málaga, with an investment of 35.5 million

Enel Green Power España has connected up the Refurbished Pena Ventosa wind farm with its 35 MW to the network, which has meant an investment of 35.5 M euros.

EGPE was awarded 540 MW of wind power and 339 MW of solar energy at the government auctions held in May 2017, with a total investment of more than 800 M euros. With the connection of this park, Endesa completes all the power allocated to the company in the 2017 Government auctions.
The Los Arcos wind farm, which has 10 wind turbines of 3.5 MW of unit power, will have the capacity to generate more than 100 GW/h per year, which will prevent the annual emission into the atmosphere of approximately 66,500 t of CO 2 .

Enel Green Power Spain has 12 wind farms in Andalusia: 5 in the province of Cádiz , another 5 in Malaga, one in Almería and one in Granada.

This renewable capacity is in line with Endesa’s strategy of decarbonising its generation mix by 2050. To achieve this, the first milestone of the latest Strategic Plan (2020-2022) will be to reach 10.2 GW of renewable installed capacity by 2022, compared with the 7.4 GW estimated for the end of 2019, with a total investment of about €3.8 billion.

Endesa follows a facility development model that encompasses actions to create social value for the environments in which they are built, the so-called Creating Shared Value (CSV) model. Specifically, the project’s CSV actions have prioritised the incorporation of local labour, as well as locally hiring catering services and workers’ accommodation.

Specifically, in this plant, in which 125 people have worked, the solar panels of the work have been donated to the community for community use, and a painting contest has been organized, among other things. The total investment destined to these shared value creation plans for the local communities located around this park amounts to more than 112,000 euros.