Energy in hotels? a winning straight flush in efficiency

Hotels are those places, a momentary halt on their journey for many, where we expect everything to be perfectly designed for our comfort, rest and work, with the right balance between the category stars by their name and their level of quality. This need to feel well looked after is a challenge in terms of the way these particular buildings use energy, even more so when there is still an imbalance between the cost of living in a particular place and energy consumption per capita.

Whilst educating society about energy efficiency is already happening in the classrooms, it is practiced par excellence in hotels. As areas which are continually occupied (and so constantly consuming), with a number of seasonal factors and all sorts of users, energy certification in hotels is still work in progress. Although many of them are buckling down to the task, what cards does a hotel hold in its hand to be energy efficient?

By merely looking at the short-term cost advantages today of something, forgetting that market rules at today’s prices are not the same as tomorrow’s and that not everything can be solved in the time it takes to close a negotiation, this hotel, with quite a few stars to its name, lacked judgement in its energy planning criteria.

Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2013