Photovoltaic energy: limitless innovation and creativity

The photovoltaic industry is currently witnessing a period of rapid growth in alternative technologies to offset the depletion of fossil fuels. In the coming years, the industry estimates growth of 20% in solar facilities worldwide and the solar energy sector is expected to become a 100 billion dollar industry in 2015.

In this article, we analyse some of the technologies that continue to facilitate the rapid development of photovoltaic energy, thanks to the growth in applications for both domestic and business markets.

Although still in their embryo stages, there are some advances in photovoltaic technology that represent an excellent development opportunity for anyone who is seeking viable and sustainable alternatives to the current economic and social model. In the not-too-distant future, these could represent one of the essential escape routes from the inevitable collapse of an obsolete system towards a new model in which both the roles and the benefits of the manufacturer and the consumer are interchangeable. This could also eliminate the enormous obstacle that the excessive number of intermediaries, bureaucrats, creators of artificial needs and the like represents for the productive economy, not to mention the waste of resources caused by the current energy model that is based on the abusive use of fossil fuels.

Carmen Pérez Atanet
CEO at Interbiomasa