Energy 4.0 and the power of the consumer

FuturENERGY March-April 2020

The rapid rise of technologies witnessed over recent years has represented a complete transformation in every field imaginable. But there is much we still do not know as regards all the possibilities they have to offer. We have however been able to identify the direction in which they are heading and this is why we must not lose sight of one figure which is going from strength to strength with the passage of time: the consumer.

Companies have traditionally acted unilaterally, as they had the resources they needed, while consumers had few options and less power to exercise over them. But with the emergence of technologies in the last decades thanks to connectivity, the panorama is completely different to the one we knew a few years ago. Not only are consumers very well-informed but they are also highly demanding. And the energy sector, historically one of the most closed with its oligarchic form of working, is not being left out of these technological changes…