Energy Efficiency: Hotels. Efficient HVAC. September 2015


Our special report focusing on Energy Efficiency in the Hotel Sector and Efficient HVAC, has been published as a Special Edition of FuturENERGY in June 2015.

With a special distribution to speakers and attendees at: the ITH conference cycles for the second half of the year under the banner of the: II Conference on Energy Efficiency in Tourism Establishments: Córdoba (November); VII Conference on Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in the Hotel Sector 2015: Benidorm (Alicante, Spain)–22 October, Gran Canaria (Spain)-29 October, Barcelona (Spain)-12 November, and at Smart City Expo World Congress (Barcelona, Spain, 17-19 November)

This special report includes the following:

Óscar Alonso, Technician, Dept. of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH)
Costs reduction for hotels via purchasing groups for energy supplies

How much do HVAC installations consume?
Albir Playa Hotel & Spa saves up to 55% in DHW production

Legislation and subsidies for energy efficiency

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