Energy efficiency in the hotel sector

The expert vision of a company focused on reducing energy consumption

The hotel sector is currently enjoying a significant upsurge thanks to the strong recovery being experienced by tourism. There are many newly constructed hotels, but also a large number of renovations. The sector is increasingly more demanding and hotels have to modernise. They also have to be more competitive and this undoubtedly translates into a control of operational costs where the reduction in energy expenditure plays a vital role. Jung is particularly focused on energy efficiency solutions, offering a wide range of options and with emblematic projects already undertaken that improve energy efficiency in this sector.

Jung has spent many years offering energy saving solutions to the market, in particular the tertiary sector. There is nothing new about energy efficiency. Jung’s solutions aim to reduce consumption in lighting and temperature control – the two concepts that consume the most energy in any building, including hotels.


First, there is energy saving in the bedrooms. Jung offers the possibility of adapting bedroom temperatures to the circumstances of any given moment. Remember that for every degree by which the temperature increases from heating or reduces from air conditioning, 7% more energy is being consumed. Another issue is lighting control. Jung’s systems prevent the lights from staying on when the client walks out of the bedroom. They also provide the user with an optimised use of the lighting by configuring settings or centralised switches via sensors located next to the bed.
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Antonio Moreno
Technical Director, Jung Electro Ibérica

Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2017