Energy efficiency in winemaking

Bodega Sommos, in the heart of the Somontano region, is one of most modern and innovative wineries in Spain. Opened in 2008, a large part of the winery is constructed in the ground that covers part of its 30,000 m2 surface area underneath the vineyards that surround it. The bioclimatic criteria applied to its construction and the efficiency of its temperature control system make this winery one of the references in its sector in terms of energy efficiency.Achieving a bioclimatic building was one of the main undertakings for the team of the highly regarded architect Jesús Marino Pascual, responsible for the project.

27 metres of the 54-metre height of the winery are underground, achieving an energy saving of 70%. In addition, the design aimed to achieve another objective: the use of gravity (helped by the 27m drop) as a way to transport the grapes and the wine, enhancing their care and quality.

The outside walls of the premises are covered with stainless steel sunshades, the building has a green roof and its doors and windows (essentially in the areas for social use and the restaurant) have been designed with wide projections to maintain the temperature level. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2015