Enertis to perform quality assurance services for 6MW of multicrystalline modules of Renovalia Energy in China

Renovalia Energy relies on Enertis Solar, Spanish firm specialized in providing consultancy, technical assessment and engineering services for solar projects, for the quality control services of a supply of photovoltaic modules. The supply is of a total of 6MW of multicrystalline modules and will be used as PV generators in two photovoltaic plants located in Chile.

In order to ensure the correct functioning of the PV modules, Enertis has performed pre-shipment inspection and lab testing devoted to check the quality of the final products before its shipment and delivery to Renovalia. Quality assurance of PV Modules requires a quality control starting at the acquisition and manufacturing stages to guarantee their compliance with the industry standards and their proper functioning under particular conditions of specific locations.  It is also important to carry out a revision of raw material and traceability in order to reduce risk damage.

The pre-shipment inspection and lab testing of the modules before the shipping are measures to ensure that the modules meet the quality standards.

This new contract sums up to Enertis’ hundreds of MW expertise track record in advising different players in the acquisition of PV modules. Since 2007 the company has offered its services to different clients in the processes of acquiring PV Modules, including manufacturing, pre-installation and guarantee performance inspections.