Eptisa will develop an auscultation system for the energy receiving elements in Solar Thermal Power Plants

Eptisa has signed a strategic alliance with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in India to develop a R&D project with the aim of designing an auscultation system of the energy receiving elements in solar thermal power plants. This project is under the aegis of the India-Spain Innovation programme (ISIP).
TERI is a research institute, formerly known as Tata Energy Research Institute. It was incorporated in 1974 and located in New Delhi, India. TERI focuses its research in the fields of energy, environment and sustainable development and has become an international leader and expert in policies directed at reducing greenhouse gases, local water and waste management, infrastructure development, risks management, economic development, job creation, health, education and environment.
The strategic partnership between Eptisa and the TERI Institute aims to strengthen the collaboration between two entities that share the purpose of apply the acquired experience in their research activities to the development of technologies and innovative procedures in the renewable energy sector.
The aim of the project is the development of an auscultation system for measuring the geometric parameters and the efficiency of panels in solar thermal power plants. In particular, the aim is to automatically measure the relative position of the mirrors and the reception tubes so that the percentage of radiation hitting the collection tubes from the mirrors can be assessed.
Currently the calibration and adjustments of the structures are carried out by conventional systems based in levelling, alignment and topography equipments.
This new auscultation system will improve the technological capacity of the sector and increase the opportunities for evaluation and monitoring of the efficiency in the solar field as it will provide some measure guidelines with traceable values and more accurate than those used today.
All this will result in a significant improvement of the technology capacity of the sector and the minimizing of losses of solar radiation and the subsequent performance optimization of the facility.
In this project Eptisa will be responsible for design and develop all control and instrumentation equipments (hardware, software and firmware), as well as the procedures and test methodology, including evaluation algorithms integrated in the data evaluation system.
In the energy efficiency sector, Eptisa has developed solutions for the optimization of facilities and infrastructures in the wind, photovoltaic and thermo solar sectors. It has also increased its consultancy services in the energy sector providing advice to the Governments and public administrations in the development of Road-Maps, Master Plans and specific studies about mix-energy for the development of the renewable energies sector in different countries and markets.