Eptisa will provide technical assistance for the development of two Smart Cities in India

The two awarded contracts will be developed in Jaipur and Udaipur cities for 48 and 60 months respectively

The Government of Rajasthan, through the Municipal Companies Jaipur Smart City Limited and Udaipur Smart City Limited, has awarded Eptisa two new technical assistance contracts for the execution and implementation of two “Smart City” projects in their respective cities, with a total amount of 7 million Euros.

Both cases are high heritage value cities, which are preferential destinations of millions of tourists every year. The fact that Smart City projects will be developed in the historical district of cities (Walled City) gives them a uniqueness and attractiveness to regenerate these highly densified urban areas, because they need to modernize their infrastructure, and at the same time maintaining and improving the sustainability of their historic centers.


Eptisa will support Jaipur Smart City Limited (JSCL) in all aspects of project implementation, especially the overall management, planning and structuring of subprojects, the bidding process and selection of contractors, as well as supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the results of the project for 48 months.

Among the projects proposed to carry out in Jaipur we can highlight the transformation of Gandhi Nagar Railway Station as a model station, providing it with modern facilities such as a smart parking system, automatic entry and exit gates or Wi-Fi zone. JSCL has also proposed the construction of an underground parking at Ramganj Bazaar or installing a solar system at the roof of the University of Rajasthan.

In Udaipur and for 60 months, Eptisa will offer technical assistance services to the Municipality to ensure effective coordination and implementation of its proposed smart city for the selected area and for the identified solutions for the entire city.

Source: Eptisa