Transmitting electricity from offshore wind farms


In line with the statistics from the first quarter of 2014 published by the EWEA, as at 1 July, a total of 2,304 offshore wind turbines that are fully connected to the grid have been installed in European waters, distributed over 73 offshore wind farms with a total installed capacity of 7,343 MW. In addition, the offshore wind power capacity under construction adds up to an impressive figure of 4,900 MW. Transporting the electricity generated by these offshore wind farms back to the mainland presents a challenge, particularly because these farms are situated ever further from the coast. But this challenge has been overcome thanks to high-voltage direct current transmission technology.

In the German waters of the North Sea, TenneT, the German-Dutch transmission grid operator, is constructing a massive infrastructure to transmit electricity from a total of 18 offshore wind farms via ten converter platforms and their corresponding underwater cables.

The transportation of this electricity is undertaken using high-voltage direct current transmission technology, the best-suited to these types of electricity transmission projects.

Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2014