UNPLUGGED inductive charging of electric vehicles final event

UNPLUGGED project investigates how the use of inductive charging of electric vehicles in urban environments improves the convenience and sustainability of vehicle-based mobility. In particular, it investigates how smart inductive charging infrastructure can facilitate full electric vehicle integration in the urban road systems while improving customer acceptance and perceived practicality. UNPLUGGED achieves these goals by examining in detail the technical feasibility, practical issues, interoperability, user perception and socio-economic impacts of inductive charging. As one special variant, inductive en-route charging is investigated thoroughly.

UNPLUGGED final event will take place the 26th of March in Zaragoza, Spain. It will include discussions about inductive charging and other topics related to electro mobility. The event will also involve cutting edge R+D European projects related to electric mobility (eCo-FEV, FABRIC, Fastincharge, Victoria) as well as the vision of cities (London and POLIS confirmed so far) and industry. Moreover a live demonstration will be performed during the event.

Note that the registration is free and is already available. For more information click here.

UNPLUGGED consortium, led by ENIDE and FKA, joins the efforts of the main stakeholders in the sector: vehicle industry (as Volvo, Centro Ricerche Fiat, Hella or Continental), power supply industry (ENDESA and ENEL) and transport operators (as Transport for London) among several key research and technological centers.