Exolum, diversification for continued growth

Exolum, diversificación para seguir creciendo

In recent years, Exolum has undertaken an ambitious international expansion process which has allowed the company to become the leading European entity in the sector and one of the most important worldwide, with a presence in eight countries. Thanks to its last operation, finalised at the end of 2020, the company has acquired 15 new storage terminals in the UK, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands, thus consolidating their international presence, along with the expansion of its chemical products and biofuel storage business.

At present, the company is undergoing a transformation process with the aim of addressing both its ambitious future challenges, as well as those of a sector that is undergoing constant change. In this way, Exolum is focused on the development of efficient solutions that deliver robust responses to the challenges created by decarbonisation, the energy transition, the digitisation of the economy and the fight against climate change.

To respond to this, the company is taking part in different projects that will help position it in new sectors where Exolum can bring its experience to the logistics and infrastructures sector in line with the energy transition policies that are being promoted in both the EU and in Spain.

Thus, in addition to performing the traditional activities of storing and transporting petroleum products, the company has expanded its storage, management and transport activity of new liquid products, particularly chemicals, and has started operating in new sectors, such as eco-fuels, the circular economy and the development of new energy vectors.

Another challenge facing the company is improving its current business model by committing to innovative technologies, to process digitalisation, so that they can be more efficiently and reliably managed, while developing new applications that better integrate the business with that of its clients.

As regards diversification, Exolum aspires to be a key actor in developing the hydrogen sector, which is going to play a decisive role in the energy mix of the future, particularly to decarbonised some of the hard-to-electrify sectors, such as heavy goods transport.

For this, the company has presented a portfolio of renewable hydrogen projects as part of the public interest statements published by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge and the Ministry of Industry. This projects portfolio has associated investments that exceed €500bn and includes different projects to be developed on the Iberian Peninsular, the Balearics and the Canary Islands.

Exolum supported the integration of solutions throughout the entire green hydrogen production, transport, storage and distribution value chain. One of the most ambitious projects is the development of hydrogen corridors that will cover the whole of mainland Spain, so that the new energy vector benefits from a uniform penetration. The company is also developing partnerships across the hydrogen value chain to develop new technologies.

The circular economy represents another strategy on which Exolum is focusing, with the aim of taking advantage of its geographical situation and its extensive experience in the hydrocarbons sector, to develop projects relating to water and waste treatment. In this regard, the company is planning to construct a waste recycling plant in the port of Algeciras that will transform wastewater into fuel for vessels.

The development of low carbon liquid fuels, eco-fuels, is another project on which the company is working in collaboration with the sector, to facilitate their introduction into the market. In Spain, Exolum benefits from infrastructures that are fully adapted to the storage and distribution of biofuels and is working alongside the petroleum sector to develop and promote advanced second-generation biofuels.

Sustainable flight is possible with AVIKOR

Exolum also supports the development, marketing and distribution of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and has developed the AVIKOR platform, which offers private individuals and companies the option to fly sustainably, by allowing them to reduce the emissions of their flight using SAF.

AVIKOR gives any passenger, regardless of the airline, who travels from the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat airports, the possibility of flying reducing the CO2 emissions generated by their flight, just by indicating the flight code on this platform.

AVIKOR calculates the litres of SAF necessary to reduce or eliminate the flight emissions requested by the client and inputs that fuel into the airport refuelling system, replacing the traditional kerosene, where the price difference between both fuels is assumed by the client. This model allows us to make the most of the infrastructures that the company has in some Spanish airports and also contribute to the Green Agenda.

In short, diversification emerges as the lever that helps Exolum to turn its offer as a company into reality: “Creating innovative solutions to improve the world”.