Exolum will commission the first plant for the production and dispatch of green hydrogen for mobility purposes in the Madrid Region in 2022

Exolum pondrá en marcha en 2022 la primera planta de producción y expedición de hidrógeno verde para movilidad en la Comunidad de Madrid

Exolum will invest nearly 2 million euros in the construction of the first green hydrogen production plant in the Madrid Region on a plot adjacent to its facilities in San Fernando de Henares – Torrejón de Ardoz. The plant is expected to be fully operational during the second half of 2022 and, at an early stage, will produce approximately 60 tonnes of green hydrogen per year. Any company or user interested in introducing this energy vector in their operations will have access to it.

Exolum will use solar concentration and miniaturized PEM electrolyzer technology for green hydrogen production. This is a proprietary technology of Fusion Fuel, a company with which Exolum has signed an agreement through which the plant, in addition to producing green hydrogen, will meet a second objective of development and demonstration of this technology. The project is currently in its administrative treatment stage.

The energy produced by the plant may increase in the future as required by demand. In this regard, Andrés Suarez, Global Strategy & Innovation Lead of Exolum, highlighted that “conversations are already being held with potential hydrogen users, who have expressed their interest in accessing a fixed facility for the supply of green hydrogen in the region, thus supporting their plans to incorporate such vector into their heavy vehicle fleets, both buses and lorries.”

For his part, João Wahnon, Chief of Business Development of Fusion Fuel, declared that “this project is a significant milestone for both Fusion Fuel and Exolum. It represents the first ever third party sale of our integrated solar-to-hydrogen technology, which will supply the green hydrogen for one of Spain’s first hydrogen refuelling stations.”

The production plant will also represent the first milestone in the commercialisation of green hydrogen for mobility applications, which is the objective of a recent alliance named “WINforH2” created by Exolum, Naturgy and Enagás for the development of a network enabling mobility across the Iberian Peninsula with green hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Exolum is currently carrying out an ambitious plan for growth and diversification towards new business models in response to the energy transition challenge. In this regard, the company has embarked on an action plan to contribute to the development of the green hydrogen sector as an energy vector.

Among other factors, the development of green hydrogen requires making certain quantities of it available on the market to break the vicious cycle of demand-availability, which has slowed down the development of the sector. Moreover, it is necessary to implement specific projects that include the development of technologies and equipment to enable a reduction in hydrogen production and marketing costs, thus ensuring its share in the energy transition with a minimal cost to society.

Furthermore, with the aim of meeting new energy requirements, Exolum has a wide portfolio of projects in different development stages relating to vectors such as green hydrogen, sustainable synthetic fuels, ecofuels or circular economy to contribute to other objectives such as the development of rural areas or fair transition.

Source: Exolum