Factorenergia launches “FactorSmarthome”, a project that allows families save more than 200€ a year on their electricity bill

Factorenergia presents “FactorSmarthome”, a revolutionary project for home energy management that allows families reduce their electricity bills by 30%, saving more than 200€ a year.

Against the backdrop of the transition towards the hourly energy billing system that will be fully effective on 1 August, Factorenergia is leading the sector to transform the way in which families consume electricity with the aim of achieving a considerable energy and economic saving. Through “FactorSmarthome”, a service that is freely available for both clients and non-clients, the company is offering energy assessment and training in new behaviour to generate new consumption habits.

According to Factorenergia’s managing director, Emilio Rousaud: “The company’s maxim is to guarantee consumer saving, quality and transparency with the aim of breaking with the dynamic of a low quality service associated with monopolised sectors. Now, with “FactorSmarthome” we can take another step forward in our commitment to families to turn traditional homes into ‘smart homes'”.

This project also promotes responsible consumption, energy efficiency and green energy, incentivising families to consume renewable energy. As such, Rousaud highlights that: “This initiative reaffirms our commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change. We are convinced that small attitudes can bring about big changes”.

From a traditional home to a “smart home”

“Factor Smarthome” is based on two platforms: a website (www.FactorSmarthome.com) and a mobile app, available for iOS and Android, via which a range of functionalities are implemented so that consumers, for the first time, can achieve a significant saving on their energy bills.

In May, Factorenergia launched a service that displays the actual daily price of electricity by hour and indicates the time slots, that vary widely depending on the day, when electricity is more economical and, alternatively, the times when it is more expensive. Thanks to this invaluable information, families can adapt their consumption behaviour as to when to use the washing machine, vacuum cleaner or dishwasher, to make the most of the hours when electricity is at a reduced cost. In turn, this promotes green energy as it is precisely during optimum moments that renewables make their biggest contribution.

In June, a new function will be launched that will allow the consumer compare their consumption habits with that of their neighbours. This useful tool provides an analysis and a full assessment of the user’s current consumption as well as a comparison with their neighbours, highlighting the most efficient so that the user is able to evaluate how they are managing their energy expenditure and take steps to become more efficient.

In July “FactorSmarthome” will incorporate energy coaching that will offer a fully personalised assessment. This service will simulate the individual characteristics of each home depending on the information provided by the consumer (type of home, geographical location, home appliances, temperature control, etc.) and will offer tailor-made recommendations to optimise electric consumption.

On 1 August every functionality of the new smart meters will be activated and hourly energy billing will come into effect. Factorenergia will help families make the most of the new tariff system, obtaining consumption-based reports and standardised amounts with an evaluation of every supply point, the impact of the efficiency measures, the consumption pattern and the savings potential.