Fast charging connector for on-the-go e-bus charging

    Swiss connector specialist Multi-Contact has developed an innovative connector for fast charge systems that allows e-buses to charge up en route, paving the way for environmentally friendly inner city transportation. The system is simple. When the driver of the e-bus pulls up at the bus stop, the charge point folds out: a flexible tube with a male connector clicks into the charging socket installed on the bus, starting the charging process on emission of a signal. The amount of energy that can be transferred during this short stop is sufficient to recharge the starter battery.

    As these e-buses have the possibility to refuel large quantities of energy within a short period at the bus stops with charging currents of up to 900 A, for the first time they present a serious alternative to track-guided trolley buses and vehicles with internal combustion engines.

    The entire system is designed to ensure reliability as well as guarantee the safety of the driver, passengers and pedestrians. Whether plugged in or not, all live parts are out of reach of the passengers and are protected against accidental contact. Only once the contact carrier has been mechanically and precisely connected, the power and signal contacts are made and the electronic release is activated to start the charging process. Read more…

    Article published in: FuturENERGY April 2016