FCC Medio Ambiente is involved in an innovative engineering project focused on the development of a new Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) truck powered by electric and hybrid technology. It involves the availability of vehicles that are capable of providing highly sustainable urban services within the concept of zero emissions. The “Study, analysis and development of new electric and hybrid monitoring technologies for the MSW collection truck” project is co-financed via the CDTI, the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology by the EEA Grants cooperation consortium and benefits from participation by Siemens. The truck will be equipped with ultra-condensers with electric traction and it will be a hybrid vehicle.

The tasks established at the start of 2014 have been successfully completed, in particular the studies undertaken to define the technical specifications of the vehicle, the energy needs of the project and environmental objectives.

The engineering project and adaptation of the electric-electronic system is being carried out in collaboration with Siemens. The tasks included working closely to adapt the software to the requirements of the prototype so that it meets its objective: the collection of solid urban waste. These works comprise the first phase of a project that, despite its initial slight delay, will be completed during 2015.

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