February-March 2021


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With 25 years of experience behind them, STI Norland is looking forward to 2021 having achieved good results in 2020 despite the difficult economic situation. The company plans to continue its commitment to innovation, as one of its hallmarks, and to continue to grow and increase its market share. According to data from Wood Mackenzie, in 2020 STI Norland stood among the Top 10 global manufacturers of solar trackers in a worthy sixth place, to become the leading supplier of this PV equipment in the southern hemisphere.

Founded in 1996 in Pamplona (Spain), STI Norland was a pioneer in Europe in both the development of fixed-tilt structures and solar trackers. Its first solar PV structure was designed in 1998, building the world’s first PV plant with solar trackers in Navarra in 2002. Since then, the company has taken part in the development and execution of many of the world’s most important solar plants, supplying solar trackers and fixed structures as well as undertaking their electromechanical assembly.

Innovation forms part of STI Norland’s DNA which, over these 25 years of history, has introduced a host of innovations into the market in fixed-tilt structures and solar trackers. The company currently invests over 2% of its turnover in R&D, firmly committing to product development as a tool for continuous improvement in order to consolidate the position of leadership it enjoys in the PV sector.




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