Financing renewables projects

FuturENERGY February 2020

Spain’s renewable sector is at a turning point. 2019 has broken records as regards the commissioning of projects, in particular PV and wind power, the vast majority of which have been facilitated by the renewables auctions held by the Government in 2016 and 2017. The effects of these auctions will continue given that the present Government has announced its intention to auction 3,000 MW of capacity every year. Turning these projects into a reality furthermore depends on a determining factor such as the availability of financing, an item in which access to the advice and experience of sector experts is vital. One such entity is Grupo Avanza A+A, a pioneer in the successful launch and leadership of the first private equity and venture capital management funds for renewable projects…By Manuel Lopez-Feliu Mani, Principal & Business Manager, Grupo Avanza A+A.