First “all-inclusive” electric leasing on the market

FuturENERGY September-October 2020

Primer renting eléctrico “todo incluido” del mercado

Leasing is an excellent mobility option for companies due to the savings that can be made in terms of maintenance and insurance, as well as tax incentives and, of course, greater control over the costs of journeys, as it is a fixed cost. For some time now, companies have been increasingly valuing the benefits of e-mobility, because of growing concern to comply with air quality targets and to reduce urban pollution, in addition to the need to reduce costs and boost corporate social responsibility strategies. So, what happens when companies want to take the plunge and adopt sustainable mobility? Enter the concept of e-leasing.

Leasing companies already exist today that offer e-leasing services however, this offer only includes the electric vehicle itself, with the needs relating to its charging at the mercy of the user. In short, to date, no leasing company has offered a vehicle and a charging solution in the same quota and this has been one of the main barriers facing many companies to taking the definitive step to shift to a sustainable vehicle fleet.

This was confirmed by a study carried out by Geotab and the Spanish Association of Fleet and Mobility Managers (AEGFA, in its Spanish acronym), based on a survey made of over 90 medium and large fleets across Spain. The results indicate that electric vehicles (EVs) will dominate 67% of fleets within the next ten years, however the electric charging infrastructure remains one of the major hurdles facing fleet managers, according to 41% of those surveyed.