First municipal district heating network from biomass in the Autonomous Community of Madrid

    The village of El Atazar located in the mountains of Madrid, with 96 inhabitants, has provided the backdrop for the introduction of the first municipal district heating network powered by biomass in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The network comprises two biomass boilers, two water tanks for energy accumulation and a primary pumping
    system to supply the homes, in addition to control equipment, calorific energy meters and temperature measurement probes. It has taken more than 6 years to turn the first phase of the project into a reality, due to the studies that had to be undertaken, the permits, projects and funding requested by the town hall in question for its implementation.

    The biomass-fuelled DHC network in El Atazar was undertaken by means of a public tender process to which various companies from different fields applied. Aplicaciones y Proyectos de Energía Solar S.L. (Aprosol S.L.) was the successful bidder for the execution and installation of the first phase of this innovative project.

    This initial phase has included the thermal plant, the first phase of the distribution network and the first phase of connection to the houses. Two municipal buildings currently rented by the town council, the day centre for the elderly, two rural accommodation properties and the houses of the doctor and teacher form part of this initial phase of the network. The planning for subsequent phases includes extending the
    network to other municipal buildings such as the medical centre and school.

    Iñaki Íñiguez, Aprosol Director
    Jorge Monasterio, Technical Dept. Desner Sistemas

    Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2016