The first PV façade in Mexico is already producing electricity

Onyx Solar has installed its photovoltaic (PV) glass as part of the façade modernisation project at Femsa in Monterrey, Coca-Cola’s foremost bottling plant and the biggest in the world. Six months after its commissioning, the first results of this innovative photovoltaic façade can be seen. It has already started generating clean energy from the sun equivalent to over 5,500 kWh that in turn has avoided the emission of 2.7 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. This project falls under a number of initiatives managed and implemented by Femsa in collaboration with Coca-Cola as part of their commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

The photovoltaic façade comprises a double layer of PV glass and is the first of its type in Latin America. The huge glass modules that use amorphous silicon technology were designed and made-to-measure by Onyx Solar to meet the requirements of the client. In addition, its mounting structure cannot be seen from inside, thereby conserving the building’s architectural and aesthetic values. The glass is 20% semi-transparent allowing light to uniformly shine through, reducing the need for artificial lighting and improving the interior comfort for its occupants.

The use of Onyx Solar’s photovoltaic glass for façades improves the thermal properties of those buildings that incorporate it. For example low-e photovoltaic glass from Solar Onyx ensures that in warm climates, such as in Mexico, it reduces the needs for refrigeration by up to 50% compared with a traditionally insulated façade, thereby achieving significant energy savings.