PV. Latin America Special Report. September 2016


Special issue focusing on solar PV, with special attention to the Latin Amarican market, published as a supplement to the September 2016 issue of FuturENERGY, for special distribution at the folowing events: CIREC Week (Chile, 17-20 Oct.), Matelec (Spain, 25-28 Oct.), The Green Expo (Mexico, 26-28 Oct.), IFT Energy Atacama Desert (Chile, 9-11 Oct.)


This special report includes the following:

Jinko Solar, the international leadership of a vertically integrated PV manufacturer

Solar and wind cost reduction potential to 2025

The future of PV technologies. Efficiency, reliability and low cost
The Mexican solar market. an inside perspective
Flexibility and capacity throughout the value chain; the bases of international success in the PV sector
Firmly committed to Latin America

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