Fundão and Viseu. Twin 15 MWe forest waste-powered biomass plants in Portugal

FuturENERGY Marzo-Abril 2020

Gestamp Biomass and FPT Energia e Ambiente have developed two biomass power plants located in Fundão and Viseu, in Portugal, each with an installed capacity of 15 MWe. Marguerite Fund, the pan-European fund headquartered in Luxemburg, acquired a 90% stake in the project in 2017, while the remaining 10% stayed in the hands of the Portuguese firm FPT Energia e Ambiente. Marguerite is committed to the sustainable use of biomass for energy, which enables significant reductions in emissions, and acts as a catalyst for investment in renewables in Europe.

Both plants burn forest waste from Portuguese forests (mainly pine and eucalyptus) in a biomass steam generator to produce superheated steam (440ºC and 62 bar), which drives a steam turbine to produce electricity subsequently sold to the grid. The plants have a yearly biomass consumption of 138,386 t (based on a fuel with a moisture content of 38.65%). The biomass steam generators, provided by Gestamp Energy Solutions, have a thermal efficiency of 89.5%. These steam generators are known for their flexibility, which allows them to burn a wide range of fuels with different moisture contents…