FuturEFFICIENCY. Energy Efficiency: Hotels. Efficient Heating. September 2016


Special issue focusing on energy efficiency in hotels and efficient heating, published as a supplement to the September 2016 issue of FuturENERGY, for special distribution at the ITH events taking place as part of the VII Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Hotels Seminars 2016 (Lanzarote, Zaragoza, A Coruña and Castellón) and at the III Energy Efficiency in Tourism Establishments Seminars 2016 (Santander and Almería).


This special report includes the following:

Panasonic revolutionises its heating and dhw range with high efficiency solutions and in the Cloud control

Maximum energy efficient HVAC at the Casa Bonay hotel in Barcelona
Comfort and efficiency. Added value in hotels
Heat generation from outdoor stand-alone units at the vincci The Mint hotel
ITH promotes the collective purchase of natural gas for hotels
Maximum efficiency to produce heat for a school using thermodynamics technology
Improving the environmental certification of buildings via automation

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