FuturEMOBILITY. Sustainable Mobility. December 2016-January 2017


Special issue focusing on sustainable mobility, published as a supplement to the December 2016-January 2017 issue of FuturENERGY, for special distribution at the following events: EE&RE Exhibition (Bulgaria,7-9/03), EEVC 2017 (Switzerland, 14-16/03), Smart Energy Congress & EXPO 2017 (Spain, 15-16/03), MABIC 2017 (Spain, 4-8/06)

This special report includes the following:

Renault ZE: the most comprehensive range of EVs on the market. Leading Spanish and European sales in 2016

The electric vehicle: the key to sustainable town planning
The New Nissan LEAF: a new chapter in the history of the top-selling EV
Charging a bus in 15 seconds. Battery optimisation for a flash-charged bus
Scandinavia’s first inductively-charged bus route enters into service
EMT Madrid to test inductive charging on an e-bus route
100% electric buses take centre stage all over Europe
User-adapted electric vehicles with optimised energy consumption
SALSA, a pilot project for EVs powered using renewable energy alone

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