FuturENERGY attends the ITH Conference on Energy Efficiency in Tourism Establishments

FuturENERGY was present at the last of conference of the year, the “I Conference on Energy Efficiency in Tourism Establishments”, that took place today  at the Hotel Velada in Mérida and forms part of the initiative organised by ITH, the Spanish Hotel Technological Institute. This conference cycle is designed for tourism establishments with a significant level of energy demand (rural and mountain hotels and holiday houses, spas, campsites, restaurants, etc.) situated in locations with limited energy sources and that need energy efficiency alternatives to manage consumption and increase the comfort level for their clients.

This conference cycle dealt with the issue of energy certification of buildings, a key aspect for the establishment to guarantee the outcome of the energy saving measures applied. It also analysed the convenience of undertaking energy audits and their usefulness as a tool to legalise all the facilities in line with new regulations. Lastly, the conference identified the role of the banks, the financing options available and their adjustment to technologies and services as well as to the specific characteristics of the tourism sector.

The speakers provided attendees with real solutions for energy efficiency in tourism establishments, efficient solutions for heating and DHW production such as heat pumps. They also set out other types of solutions such as micro-CHP using propane gas and the efficiency of this technology in temperature control, DHW and the local generation of electricity.

The session closed with a round table debate entitled “Management efficiency in temperature control and DHW production”, chaired by ITH and in which Repsol, Bosch/Buderus, Absorsistem, Altare, TÜV Rheinland, Sedical, Banco Sabadell and the Technical Director of the Hotel Velada in Mérida took part.

The conference gave both speakers and attendees the chance to pick up the latest edition of FuturENERGY that included special reports dedicated to energy efficiency in the hotel sector, an issue on which FuturENERGY has given particular focus throughout 2014 and that will also feature in the editorial programming we have prepared for next year.

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