FuturENERGY attends the ITH conference in Tenerife on energy efficiency in the hotel sector

Forming part of the Conferences on Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in the Hotel Sector 2014 organised by ITH, the Spanish Hotel Technological Institute, the fourth event of this type in 2014 took place in Tenerife and, as with previous conferences, FuturENERGY was there to distribute our magazine to speakers and attendees.

What does the integrated energy management of my hotel involve?
How can I optimise DHW production and temperature control?
What does energy certification mean for a hotel establishment?

During this participatory session, the main players involved in the process set out their perspectives, providing attendees with in-depth information on the concept of integrated energy management and its different energy services models. The conference was aimed at designing the optimal solution for each project to maximise the achievement of energy saving in the hotel’s temperature control and DHW production installations. Such saving translates into guaranteeing results and the reduction in both the maintenance and operation costs of the equipment installed with minimum or no investment required.[sam_block id=”10″ name=”Banner central 728x90px”]

The conference also discussed a very topical issue: the energy certification of buildings, its resultant implications and benefits with a view to guaranteeing savings based on Energy Saving Measures, in addition to the importance of carrying out energy audits as an instrument to legalise all the installations in line with the new regulations. In addition it identified the role of the financial entities necessary to guarantee and adapt the application of financing models for the proposed technologies and services to the hotel sector.


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