Gallium-doped monocrystalline silicon effectively solves the LID problem in a PERC module

FuturENERGY April-May 2020

Gallium-doped PERC cells have a higher efficiency and better anti-LID and anti-LeTID performance compared with boron-doped cells. LONGi is promoting its Gallium-doped silicon wafers for the entire industry chain, to make a significant contribution to reducing initial module degradation, lowering equipment costs for cell manufacturers and increasing profits for the PV industry as a whole.

LONGi Green Energy Technology entered into a global, non-exclusive, cross-licensing agreement with Shin-Etsu Chemical on 25 March 2020. As a result of the agreement, any application of LONGi products that relates to gallium-doped technology will be legally permitted on a global basis. Gallium-doped silicon can effectively solve LID (Light Induced Degradation) in a P-type PERC module.