Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables begins construction of El Tesorillo Wind Farm

Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables has begun construction of El Tesorillo Wind Farm, which will be located in the district of San Martín del Tesorillo in the municipality of Jimena de la Frontera. The project will have a total of 12 wind turbines with a total installed power of 26 MW and an investment of 25 million euros.

El Tesorillo Wind Farm is one of 22 projects that Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables has under way in Spain in order to put into operation the 667 MW of wind power awarded to the company at the government auction in May 2017.
This project will not only have a highly positive impact on society in terms of fewer polluting gas emissions and electricity generation savings, it will also have a major impact in terms of job creation. It will create some 200 jobs between the construction, operational and maintenance stages.

Collaboration agreement

In addition, this wind farm will have important repercussions for the municipality by virtue of the collaboration agreement signed between the Mayor of Jimena de la Frontera, Francisco J. Gómez, and Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables’ Director of Promotion, Carlos González, which is mainly aimed at laying the groundwork for coordination between the two parties vis-à-vis the construction of this project.
As part of the agreement, Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables will refurbish the El Silo-Casita de Campo building, as well as lay artificial grass on the municipal football pitch.

For its part, Jimena de la Frontera Council believes that El Tesorillo Wind Farm is an initiative of maximum interest “because it is an infrastructure driven by a clean, renewable and non-polluting form of energy and it will generate wealth for the municipality and its citizens”.

Source: Gas Natural Fenosa