Gas Natural Fenosa and Seat sign a deal to develop natural gas use in automotives

Gas Natural Fenosa’s Managing Director of Energy for Retail Businesses, Daniel López Jordà, and the Vice-President of Governmental and institutional relations for SEAT and the Volkswagen Group in Spain, Ramón Paredes, signed a strategic deal to develop and strengthen the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in the automotive area in Spain, in the next few years.The agreement will enable both companies to confer value on their leadership in this sector, consolidate their respective positions in the Natural Gas Vehicle market and strengthen the use of CNG among companies and individuals as an alternative fuel in the mobility segment.
Among the initiatives agreed on, the companies will study taking part together in projects to do with promoting CNG in corporate vehicle fleets and private individuals. They will also work to use SEAT vehicles fuelled by CNG in Gas Natural Fenosa’s vehicle fleet, as well as those of the companies with which they work.
Furthermore, the energy and automotive companies will jointly analyse the installation of public access CNG charging points in those car dealerships they consider helpful in promoting this type of fuel.
Finally, both firms will work on research and development into sustainable sources of natural gas and into the technical implications that may arise in the car company’s engines.
100 kilometres for €3.50
SEAT currently has two vehicles that are fuelled by compressed natural gas. The Mii Ecofuel, at 79 g/km is the mass produced vehicle with the lowest emissions in the history of the company and is beating sales forecasts in markets such as Italy, where CNG technology is well entrenched.
At the beginning of 2014, the new León 1.4 TGI arrives, Seat’s incursion into CNG. With very low consumption figures and the lower fuel price it is one of the cheapest vehicles on the market.