October-November 2020

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Designing and manufacturing gensets adapted to any installation and environment is the raison d’etre of Genesal Energy, a company based in Galicia and leader in distributed energy that this year is celebrating its 25th anniversary, with a future of projects ahead. Clearly focused on the international market, with exports representing 70% of its turnover, these past twenty-five years have seen Genesal Energy maximising the importance of energy solutions oriented towards the needs of its clients, a characteristic that sets the company apart in an increasingly competitive sector. Internationalisation and customised manufacturing predominate in the strategy of a company that is celebrating its 25th birthday in 2020.

Personalised manufacturing and energy solutions, accompanied by an integrated service, govern the strategy of Genesal Energy. With its head office in Bergondo (A Coruña), the company is present on the five continents with subsidiaries in Mexico and Peru, both of which offer genset sales, rental and maintenance services.

To provide this service, where each genset is unique, the company benefits from a solid basis: innovation, the blueprint applied to each of its productive processes and services through its Distributed Energy Technology Centre (CETED). The centre, located at its HQ in A Coruña, reflects the company’s commitment to R&D+i and is a key tool when delivering made-to-measure solutions using cutting-edge technology. In addition to customised units, General also offers an extensive range of reliable and efficient standard gensets, extremely competitive in terms of both quality and price, with different configuration options that provide the high degree of flexibility required to meet clients’ needs.

Innovation and internationalisation are thus the driving force of Genesal Energy in its search for excellence. As part of this strategy, its Technical Assistance Service (SAT) plays a vital role up to point that in the last years, the company has experienced fast growth in services such as remote management and 24/7 year-round support, to guarantee the highest level of customer service.




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