GES builds “La Solana”, first Capital Energy’s PV plant in Spain

GES construye La Solana, la primera planta fotovoltaica de Capital Energy

GES, provider of engineering, construction and maintenance solutions for renewable energies, has been awarded the construction and maintenance of a new project in Cáceres (Spain). This is a 20 MW plant in Plasencia, Cáceres, for Capital Energy. It is the first project that GES undertakes for this client and also the first photovoltaic plant for Capital Energy.

It is an EPC turnkey project that includes engineering, supply of all equipment (including panels), as well as the construction of the photovoltaic plant and the evacuation infrastructure, consisting of a 45/30 kV and a 6 km underground line of 45 kV crossing the industrial state of Plasencia

The PV plant occupies an area of 34.5 Ha and is made up of 37,500 panels, 669 trackers and 4 transformer centers and will generate 39,000 MWh per year, with which it will supply 15.700 households per year. The plant also will avoid emitting 15,700 T of CO2 per year.

Software to maximise the performace

GES will carry out he operation and maintenance works of the PV plant, including the solar field and the evacuation infrastructure. Within this scope, it will be responsible for electromechanical maintenance, module cleaning and environmental treatment.

Though computer applications of production management, a monitoring software will provide daily monitoring of the energy exported and the performance indicator of the PV Plant, in order to maximize the performance and extend the useful life of the installation components.

GES will count on a local structure of collaborators and will recruit technicians from the area, favoring the coexistence with the local community and the job creation.

Source: GES