GES reached 24 GW wind turbine installation

Global Energy Services (GES) reached the 24 GW in the installation activity. The company installed more than 400 turbines during 2016 in eight different countries all over the world. Alberto de Alfonso, Head of Installation says: “Although many GES strategic markets experienced a halt during 2016, GES installation business unit has kept its figures. Flexibility and process standardization are the main drivers of our installation activity to ensure the same quality all over the world.

GES has a two decades experience, with projects executed all over the world. The Spanish company has an impressive track record, with turbines installed in more than 40 countries. GES has capability to execute projects in extreme climate conditions and complex orographies, delivering the same quality standards.


Synergies between installation and construction are key for the company. The short term of the installation projects makes new markets entry easier. This experience can be the first step to new construction opportunities in the same country. In the opposite sense, optimizations in the early phases of the project can lead to a better understanding of the wind farm definition as a whole and as a consequence it can end in a turnkey contract, adding the installation to the first construction agreement.

GES is working at the moment on different projects in Mexico, Chile, Egypt and France. These projects will add 100 MW to its track record. GES team works thoughtful to achieve 2017 goals, beating the 25 GW before the end of the year.

Source: GES