GES secures his activity in Spain with the awarding of more than 350 MW

2018 promised to be a very intensive year for Spanish market of renewable energies and so it has been. Projects of last public tenders have been awarded during this year and most of them are already in execution. This trend in contracting seems to be confirmed in following years due to the determinate position of the public administration to accelerate the energy transition and achieve the EU targets and the different international agreements.

GES has been awarded during 2018 up to date 388 MW in wind and solar farms to be built in Galicia, Aragon and Andalusia. GES has begun the execution of 105 MW and plans to begin the rest of the projects by end of the year.

In wind turbine installation activity, during 2017 GES reinforced his strategy to offer services with very high added value, acquiring a crane that is already operative.This action has let GES close an agreement for the reservation of his installation services including two teams and the recently acquired crane for a good part of 2019. Installation team has a strategy to sing alliances with crane companies that complete the services and the reinforcement of its own team for carrying out the high demand that is expected form next year.

Therefore, GEs team is very satisfied with the work done in Spanish market, a market that the firm knows very well. 2019 promises to be a great year for renewables in Span and the company is working to consolidate the results of the current year.

Source: GES