Get rewarded for buying a Versati III air/water heat pump from Gree

Ahora, comprar bombas de calor aire/agua Versati III de Gree tiene premio

The world’s biggest manufacturer of air conditioning units, Gree, has launched a promotion geared towards professionals in the temperature control sector: on purchase of a Versati III air/water heat pump, they will receive a Thomson 32’’ internet enabled Smart TV completely free of charge.

This initiative from Gree sets out to recognise all those professionals who have trusted in the company’s ability to innovate and in its smarter, more comfortable, functional, accurate, efficient and sustainable technology. The promotion is valid for all purchases made from Gree Products between 1 October and 31 December 2021.

Versati III: Latest generation air source heat pumps

Available in three models: Monobloc, with outputs from 4 – 15.5 kW; and All-in-One and Split, with outputs of 4 – 9.5 kW, the Versati III range from Gree stands out thanks to its latest generation components: the Wilo low consumption Inverter pump; a plate heat exchanger from Alpha Laval and Danfoss; a BDLC DC Inverter fan motor; and an electronic expansion value and two-stage injection compressor patented by Gree, which is able to produce water at 60°C with no electric support, even when the outdoor temperature is below zero.

Moreover, the three models include a hydraulic kit to facilitate installation; Wi-Fi control as standard, enabling precise and user-friendly use of the units from anywhere; and a remote control with a backlit LCD colour touch screen that offers easy control of the PAC, with functions including mode selection, ECS priority, weekly programming, booster, emergency, silent, away from home, elimination of Legionella, fast hot water, system purge, starting the underfloor heating, among others.

With an A++ energy rating, the Versati III air/water heat pumps guarantee the maximum energy saving thanks to certifications from Keymark, which confirm the high efficiency and technology of the products; and from Eurovent, which validates the manufacturer data. The units also use R32 refrigerant gas, which has 75% less impact on global warming compared to R410A. In addition, as this pure gas is easier to recycle, the units need a smaller amount, and its ecological nature incurs lower taxes, meaning that in the event of a leak, it costs three times less.

Finally, the Versati III range from Gree is equipped with a dual temperature sensor; a disinfection function at 80°C to eliminate bacteria; as well as a remote management interface to control the unit via Modbus and integrate it into a building management system (BMS).