Giant solar butterfly, 90 country 4 year, world tour seeking climate change solutions & action from millions

Una mariposa solar gigante, 90 países y 4 años de gira mundial en busca de soluciones para el cambio climático

A Swiss solar powered tiny house in the shape of an enormous butterfly which charges the electric vehicle that tows it is set to tour the world looking for projects and pioneers to stop global warming. Initiated by Swiss environmental activist Louis Palmer who 15 years ago was the first person to circle the world in a solar-powered car. His initiative, named SolarButterfly, now plans revisit many of the same locations in 90 countries to see how they are contributing to a sustainable future. It will also identify, record and publicise 1,000 climate change solutions and pioneers to inspire tens of millions into similar action.

Specially designed by Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland the mobile home is a practical example for sustainable living without carbon emissions. One of its unique features is that is that its roof unfolds into a large solar panel (80 m2), or ‘butterfly wings’, powering the equipment inside and even charging the electric car that is towing it. The SolarButterly (10m L, and 13 m wide with up-folded wings) is being constructed with highly advanced materials including waste plastic gathered at sea and transformed through a unique process to be used as main building material of the Butterfly. It is being built at present near Lucerne.

The solar panels for the SolarButterfly wings are supplied by LONGi which is a major partner in the project. LONGi’s vision is highly complementary to and aligned with SolarButterfly. With a mission of “using sunlight to build a greener world”, LONGi is committed to becoming the world’s leading solar energy technology company and advancing the global transition to sustainable energy.

The SolarButterfly is planning to visit more than 1,000 projects that focus on slowing climate change. It will also create events with the local population, schools and political leaders involved. The project will be implemented in phases starting with 22,000 kilometers across 32 countries in Europe. According to the planned route the SolarButterfly will then visit five other continents finishing in Paris on December 12, 2025, just in time for the tenth anniversary of the climate agreement. Following Europe (May to November 2022) the SolarButterfly itinerary and time frame will be:

  • 1. Asia March – October 2023
  • 2. Australia November – December 2023
  • 3. North America March 2024 – August 2024.
  • 4. South America August 2024 – November 2024.
  • 5. Africa February 2025 – August 2025
  • 6. Europe August 2025 – December 2025.

As well as living space for four people the SolarButterfly it will have an integrated TV studio to record and disseminate reports on sustainable solutions and pioneers via social and conventional media. It will also be a highly energy efficient space with solar heated water and rainwater collection and purification for drinking. There are a range of other companies funding the SolarButterflly project including Brugg, EnergieSchweiz, myclimate, 3A Composites Core Materials, Geser Fahrzeugbau, Komax, Kyburz, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, OPES Solutions, Schindler, 3A Composites Mobility, Trobolo,, Lucerne Business Development, Maxon, Jim&Jim and Cosmiq Universe. The cost of the 4 year journey and project will be raised via crowdfunding, sponsors and partners along the way.

Source: LONGi Solar