Global CSP Installed Capacity Increased to 4940 MW by the End of 2015

According to statistics of CSPPLAZA research center, the global CSP installed capacity achieves steady growth in 2015, increasing 421.1 MWe than 2014. Total installed capacity is about 4940.1 MWe, increasing 9.3%.

The largest new increasing installed capacity is in Morocco with new increasing capacity 160 MW, thanks to its Noor 1 parabolic trough plant built in the latter half of 2015. However, it should be noted here that the project developer scheduled the operation ceremony on December 27, but it is temporarily suspended now. The official did not give any explanations. The possible reason is that the project failed to get the full acceptance of owner. Nonetheless, it has also been listed in this statistics of new installed capacity of 2015.

South Africa followed by. South Africa market makes great progress in 2015. KaXu Solar One with installed capacity 100 MW is operated on March 2, 2015. And Bokpoort with installed capacity 50 MW is officially put into operation in December, 2015. Meantime, the bidding project in the first round, Khi Solar One with capacity 50 MW in South Africa REIPPPP is expected to be put into operation in the first half year of 2016; the bidding projects in the third round, Xina Solar One and Ilanga CSP 1 with respectively capacity 100MW in South Africa REIPPPP are under construction; the bidding projects in section B of third round, Kathu CSP and Redstone with respectively capacity 100MW in South Africa REIPPPP also have optimistic conditions.

The high-profile construction in America market is crescent dune molten salt tower plant. Although it is said this plant was in grid and operation in the fourth quarter of 2015, it has not been officially announced. And it is also included in this statistics of new installed capacity of 2015.

In China, new increasing installed capacity of 2015 is 300kWth from Jiangsu Xin Chen, secondary reflection demonstration project. There is no other larger project in operation.


For Chinese market in 2015, the most notable is completion of declaration and audit of CSP   demonstration projects. It is estimated that new increasing installed capacity in China is expected to grow rapidly in 2016 ~ 2017 with an explosive growth by 2018.

The following plants are expected to be completed in 2016: Dunhuang molten salt tower plant with capacity 10 MW from SUNCAN Co., Ltd., Delingha molten salt tower reconstruction project with capacity 10 MW from SUPCON Co., Ltd, Zhangjiakou Fresnel demonstration projects with 15MWe (now upgrade to 20MWe) from Shenzhen Huaqiang Zhaoyang Co. Ltd., Dunhuang Fresnel molten salt plant with capacity 10 MW from Lanzhou Dacheng Technology Co., Ltd. In 2017, Delingha parabolic trough projects of China General Nuclear Power Group with capacity 50 MW and other large scale commercial CSP plants are expected to be put into operation. In 2018, most CSP demonstration projects about 1 GW are expected to be completed. At that time, China will become the hottest emerging market in global CSP market.