Global power industry tenders for September down 37%

Power industry tenders activity in September 2019 saw 642 tenders announced, marking a drop of 37% over the last 12-month average of 1,018, according to GlobalData’s power database.

On comparing tenders activity in different regions of the globe, Asia-Pacific held the top position with 425 tenders and a share of 66.2% during September 2019, followed by Middle East and Africa with 122 tenders and a 19% share and Europe with 70 tenders and a 10.9% share. In fourth place was North America with 22 tenders and a 3.4% share and in fifth place was South and Central America with three tenders and a 0.5% share. On the basis of the last 12-month average, Asia-Pacific held a lead over others with 620 tenders, followed by North America with 146.

Looking at tenders by the type of technology, thermal accounted for the largest proportion with 102 tenders and a 48.6% share, followed by solar with 73 tenders and a 34.8% share and wind with 14 tenders and a 6.7% share.

Looking at power industry tenders divided by segment as tracked by GlobalData, T&D project was the most popular segment during September 2019, with 296 tenders, followed by T&D equipment (149) and generation equipment (99).

The proportion of tenders by category tracked by GlobalData in the month was as follows:

• Project implementation: 264 tenders and a 41.1% share
• Supply & erection: 207 tenders and a 32.2% share
• Repair, maintenance, upgrade & others: 145 tenders and a 22.6% share
• Electricity supply: 13 tenders and a 2% share
• Consulting & similar services: nine tenders and a 1.4% share
• Power purchase agreement: four tenders and a 0.6% share.

The top issuers of tenders for the month in terms of power capacity involved were:

• NHPC (India): 2,000 MW from one tender
• Baltimore Gas and Electric (United States): 1,729 MW from one tender
• Solar Energy Corporation of India (India): 1,200 MW capacity from one tender.

Source: GlobalData