GoodWe takes after-sales service to the next level in the Iberian Peninsula & signs strategic partnership with Monsol

Providing excellent quality after-sales service support to its customers around the world is one of GoodWe’s top strategic priorities. Reflecting this commitment Goodwe has signed an aftersales service agreement with Monsol, a Spanish company specialized in providing advanced monitoring solutions and services for PV plants all around the world. Monsol supplements all the infrastructure already developed by GoodWe in-house for providing after-sales services to our customers in the region.

With a focus on Spain and Portugal, Monsol will assist Goodwe’s customers to close the service loop after sales, providing not only remote support and a technical hotline, but also personnel for on-site assistance. Understanding Goodwe’s products is the key for Monsol to support its growing number of customers on the Iberian Peninsula, nurturing a close and professional relationship with foresight and service commitment.

The Iberian solar market for self-consumption is in the midst of a significant boom and GoodWe’s expanding portfolio of products meets the diversified requirements of this market segment. Now, thanks to this partnership with Monsol, its customers can rest assured that GoodWe will stay close enough to support them for any technical issue that they may encounter along the road.

Monsol covers the full range of GoodWe’s products, giving full support to GoodWe’s wide variety of customers, from end-users to EPC teams, from owners of residential systems over storage based hybrid systems up to larger commercial and industrial installations.

The agreement was signed by Thomas Haering, Managing Director of GoodWe Europe GmbH and José Luis Vilches, CEO of Monsol.

Producing reliable inverters of the highest standards and according to our customers demand is what GoodWe is all about“, says Thomas Haering, Managing Director at GoodWe Europe GmbH. “But this is only one side of the coin. To manifest our position in the global market and to give assurance to our clients, a reachable and competent after-sales service is essential. We are proud to work with such an experienced and well-known partner as Monsol, helping us to provide a high-level and continuous support“.

A good communication and fast response to our customers is what we are dedicated to. Our long time involvement in the industry gives us the necessary experience to act quickly upon any requirements and to ensure an uninterrupted operation of PV plants“, says José Luis Vilches, CEO of Monsol. “We are excited to partner with one of the world’s leading inverter manufacturers and to ensure a hassle free performance of our mutual clients investments”.

Source: GoodWe