Grupo Clavijo consolidates as a global benchmark for solar PV trackers and assemblies

Spanish company, Grupo Clavijo is playing an active role in the supply of solar trackers and assemblies for a range of projects worldwide. It has already concluded works for a 68 MW fixed assembly installation at La Jacinta (Uruguay), 35 MW in axis trackers at Calama (Chile), 40 MW in Chañares (Chile) and 1.4 MW in El Salvador. In addition, other projects are being developed in Honduras, Uruguay, Panama (the Divisa Solar Project with the company EcoSolar) and North America.

Grupo Clavijo’s 1 horizontal axis solar trackers have become a benchmark for EPC contractors, developers and installers, thanks to their excellent features whose main characteristics are as follows:

  • Adaptable to all types of land.
  •  Compatible with the majority of PV module brands on the market.
  •  Multiple configurations.
  •  Excellent investment/productivity ratio.
  •  Resistance.
  •  Extensive monitoring options.

The manufacturing quality of the Grupo Clavijo trackers and assemblies, its perfect logistical organisation for transportation to the installation point and compliance with deadlines are the keys to the success of the organisation that collaborates with leading international firms to promote and develop large photovoltaic projects.