The Spanish firm Grupo Clavijo, a world leader in PV solar structures and trackers, will be present at Solar Power International 2015 (Anaheim, California, USA) to introduce its new single-axis solar tracker (SP160), thework of its R&D&I team.

The SP160 solar tracker represents the optimization of Grupo Clavijo´s single-row tracking technology. While maintaining an excellent quality of the materials, the innovative new design has improved a number of key components, including the panel supports. Greater motor efficiency has also been achieved, resulting in a significant decrease in energyc onsumption, thus freeing motor power for cases in which repositioning is vital due to windspeeds.

The Grupo Clavijo research and development team has made great advances in the manufacturing of trackers for various thin-film panels, customised for eachclient. Th ecombination of this panel type with Clavijo´s made-to-measure tracking technology is being very well received, especially in the American market. In short, this tracker is highly versatile, efficient and cost-effective.

The Spanish company is once again demonstrating its commitment to the on going investment in tools for generating power, fast reaction calculations, and combinations of the two, through the improvement of in-house software developed by a highly-trained technical team and with the support of an executive committee that is oriented towards continual improvement.