IKEA Group operations in Nordics now energy independent after opening of third wind farm

IKEA Group announced that, following the inauguration of a new wind farm in Glötesvålen, Sweden, it has become energy independent in its operations in the Nordic countries. IKEA Group operations in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark) join operations in Canada that became energy independent in 2014, producing more energy from renewable sources than they consume in their buildings. Operations in Poland and the US are on-track for energy independence with wind farms under construction. This is part of the IKEA Group goal to become energy independent globally by 2020.

IKEA Group now owns and operates 46 wind turbines in Sweden – 30 in Glötesvålen, nine in Korpfältet and seven in Rämsberget. Together with an additional turbine in Tåstrup, Denmark, this means that IKEA Group will produce an estimated 361 GWh of renewable energy each year in the Nordic countries. That corresponds to the annual supply of electricity for approximately 72,000 households and a reduction in CO2 emissions equal to 288,500 tonnes. Together with the heat energy produced from biomass in IKEA Group factories in Sweden, the IKEA Group will produce as much energy from renewable sources as it uses in all its stores, shopping centres, factories, distribution centres and offices in the Nordic countries.

IKEA Group has now committed to own and operate 314 wind turbines in nine* countries and has installed 700,000 solar panels on it buildings. The company aims to have invested and committed to invest EUR 1.5 billion in wind and solar power by the end of 2015.