Hochtief Solutions commissions further offshore jack-up vessel

Hochtief, an ACS subsidiary in Germany, received a new vessel, called Vidar, on 12th December in Bremerhaven, which will enable it to build offshore wind turbine arrays.
As well as these arrays, it is also designed to handle the construction of offshore oil and gas rigs. It was made for carrying out these activities in the North Sea region, thanks to an enormous deck area, large load capacity and a powerful crane which can lift up to 1,200 tonnes. The stability required for these installation operations is achieved by raising its structure above sea level, supported by large piles (it is a jack-up vessel). It has the capacity to install new generation wind turbines of any size at depths of up to 50 metres.
It will start operating from this month onwards, installing the blades on the turbines in the Global Tech I array in the North Sea, together with its twin vessels Thor and Innovation (all built in the Polish shipyard of Crist), which are already working.
Jack-up Vidar
The intention in using this vessel is to reduce times and construction costs on offshore arrays, particularly bearing in mind the tough environmental conditions in these waters.
Hochtief is one of the companies which has made the biggest commitment to offshore wind, both in building wind turbine arrays and their component parts, and in chartering out its equipment to other firms.