How digitalisation will redefine industry focus for equipment monitoring

FuturENERGY July-September 2021

Cómo la digitalización redefinirá el enfoque de la industria para la monitorización de equipos

This pandemic has driven industrial companies to remodel their service activities, adopting digital solutions that provide them with more accurate commercial knowledge and longterm benefits. But even before COVID-19 appeared, many companies were already starting to reassess their service philosophy, turning their attention to how to guarantee the reliability of critical equipment such as drives and motors. This process accelerated last year as the travel restrictions and the need for social distancing made the execution of traditional maintenance and repair tasks a challenge for plant service teams.

The situation has given a huge boost to digitalisation and remote access-based services. Digitalisation not only addresses the issue of access, but also adds considerable value by providing more accurate corporate information. This helps maximise productivity, improve resilience and reduce costs. Remote access services also increase safety by removing the need for the teams to make site visits during the pandemic. However, companies can still access the services they need to keep their operations going.

The main driver of digitalisation is the need to facilitate status monitoring to back up key industrial assets. The real time data on the connected motors and drives can be collated and transmitted wirelessly to a secure cloud. When the data is analysed and processed via algorithms, services experts can help their clients take better decisions. In turn the clients can take advantage of the in-depth knowledge obtained on the status and condition of their assets to take the appropriate action.