Hubgrade Solar, an example in PV installation management

FuturENERGY July-September 2020

According to the annual report drawn up by the Spanish PV Industry Association (UNEF), Spain was the PV energy market leader in Europe in 2019, a position that it has not held for 11 years. At global level, Spain ranked as the sixth PV market and the sector generated close to 60,000 jobs, 30% more than the previous year. These figures illustrate the huge development potential of this clean, sustainable and cost-effective energy source.

Aware of its advantages, Veolia is offering customised PV power generation self-consumption solutions for both industries and the tertiary sector, as well as solar pumps for irrigation communities and large-scale farmers.

Since its creation in 2006, the company has collaborated on the construction of over 400 MW, which has enabled it to acquire a level of expertise that makes both major investment funds and small investors trust in its services. This commitment to innovation and the constant search for environmentally sustainable solutions based on renewable energies is reflected in the company’s Hubgrade Solar.