Hydrogen, a world of green energy

FuturENERGY Dec. 19 - Jan. 2020

Everyday there is more and more bad news regarding the problems that pollution is causing to both the climate of our planet and to our health in the cities. Society is becoming more aware of the need to reduce pollution and GHG emissions, to make use of renewable sources and to
seek sustainable solutions to the use of natural resources. Renouncing a way of life that has provided a level of global well-being as has probably never existed before in the history of humanity is complex, but the challenge we are facing is equally critical. As such, if we want a transition based on renewables and respect for the environment that is not traumatic for a new society, a series of questions immediately arise: are there viable and sustainable energy alternatives? How fast can they be implemented? Will they radically impact on the economy and social relationships?… By Oscar Fernández Isla. Product Manager, Siemens España.