Hydrogen as a sustainable fuel: the future is now

FuturENERGY Dec.19 - Jan. 2020

Hydrogen represents almost three-quarters of the mass of the Universe and is the most abundant element on the planet however, it does not exist in a natural and isolated form. It is found in water, which covers 70% of the Earth’s surface and in all organic matter. It is the simplest element, the first of the Periodic Table and comprises one proton and one electron. Under normal pressure and temperature conditions, it is a colourless and odourless gas. It is also the lightest of all elements and gases, 14 times lighter than air with 1 Normal cubic metre weighing 90 grams. It liquefies at an extremely low temperature, -253 ºC, just 20 above absolute zero… By Carles Pallé Commercial. Technology in Water, H2, Spots, at Carburos Metálicos.